Woods - Perennial [DINKED EDITION 249] (LP)

Perennial [DINKED EDITION 249]
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Perennial purple vinyl
24" x 36" fold out poster
Hand numbered sleeve

Dinked Edition 249
Woods are in bloom again, inviting you to disappear into a new spectrum of colours and sounds and dreams on Perennial.

Formed in Brooklyn in 2004, Woods have matured into a true independent institution, above and below the root, reliably emerging every few years with new music that grows towards the latest sky. Operating the Woodsist label since 2006 and curating the beloved homespun Woodsist Festival for the musical universe theyve built, Perennial is the sound of a band on the edge of their 20th anniversary and still finding bold new ways to sound like (and challenge) themselves.

Perennial grew from a bed of guitar/keyboard/drum loops by Woods head-in-chief Jeremy Earl, a form of winter night meditation that evolved into an unexplored mode of collaborative songwriting. With Earls starting points, he and bandmates Jarvis Taveniere and John Andrews convened, first at Earls house in New York, then at Panoramic House studio in Stinson Beach, California, site of sessions for 2020s Strange To Explain. With a view of the sparkling Pacific and tape rolling, they began to build, jamming over the loops, switching instruments, and developing a few dozen building blocks.



1. The Seed
2. Between the Past
3. Another Side
4. White Winter Melody
5. Sip of Happiness
6. Little Black Flowers
7. Day Moving On
8. The Wind Again
9. Weep
10. Double Dream
11. Perennial