A Place to Bury Strangers - Live at Levitation [HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW VINYL] (LP)

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Highlighter yellow vinyl
New York City's loudest band A Place to Bury Strangers have had their intense live performance captured and immortalized directly to 12" wax. The post-punk legends are the ninth and latest entry in the Live at Levitation archival vinyl series.

"Levitation 2021 was our second show as a new band and I felt so psyched to bring the new band members to such an epic festival. It was like a homecoming for me. Bob Mustachio was doing lights and playing with Ringo Deathstarr, Kikagaku Moyo and The Black Angels all on the same bill had me so rev'd up and excited. I knew it had to be an epic show. I remember right when we started I was flailing around so much like a freak on speed that I almost flung my guitar off the stage. By the time we got out into the crowd I thought I was gonna pass out. I remember we rented this PA speaker from Rock N Roll Rentals and for some reason they trusted us with this top of the line like $5000 12" monitor that we rolled around in the crowd while I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I love Levitation and Austin Psych Fest. They are always a UFO of a good time." - Oliver Ackermann (APTBS)



1. Dragged in a Hole
2. I Lived My Life to Stand in the Shadow of your Heart
3. Lets See Each Other
4. Ocean
5. Have You Ever Been in Love
6. We've Come So Far
7. Never Coming Back
8. Alone