Crass - Bullshit Detector Three [GREY VINYL] (LP)

Bullshit Detector Three [GREY VINYL]
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Grey vinyl
Crass Records, alongside One Little Independent Records, reissue their iconic three volume compilation series, Bullshit Detector, on LP, available in both classic black and special edition grey vinyl.

Bullshit Detector was the name of a series of compilation LPs put together by the anarcho-punk band Crass and released on their own label. Three editions were released between 1980 and 1984, consisting of demo tapes, rough recordings and artwork that had been sent to the band.

The sound quality of the Bullshit Detector series was mixed and often basic, or even poor, as Crass would master the tapes directly to record without any additional production or enhancement. For Crass, the expectation of a polished performance was missing the point.

After punk had already been co-opted, re-packaged and sold back to us, Bullshit Detector volumes 1-3 were, and still are, seen by many to capture the purest ethos of punk culture, an event that inspired hundreds to take to their bedrooms and garages and join the DIY revolution.

Crass believed in the power of community and that their movement was for everybody. These compilations are an admittedly harsh but important part of that story; when Crass gave punk back to the people.

Sleeve notes from Bullshit Detector Three read: "Don't expect music when the melody is anger, when the message sings defiance, three chords are frustration when the words are from the heart."



LP 1:
1. Oh What a Nice Day - Avert Aversion
2. Once Upon a Time - Awake Mankind
3. Hibakusha - A Nul Noise
4. Nuclear Piss - Animus
5. Ministry of Death (M.O.D.) - Peroxide
6. We Are Taught to Kill - Untitled
7. Fight for Peace - Xtract
8. Not Yet Ron - Verbal Assault
9. Counterfeit Culture - Fifth a Column
10. People - Potential Victim
11. Rubber Bullets - 7th Plague
12. Genesis to Genocide - Rebel A
13. Living in Fear - Alienated
14. Weapons of War - Barbed Wire
15. Lies - Rob Williams
16. The War is Over - Reality Control
17. Power - Youthanasia
18. The Ballad of Maggie the Maggot - Sammy Rubette & Safety Match
19. 51st State - Politicide
20. The Killing Machine - Markus Abused

LP 2:
1. Your Country Misleads You - One Man's Meat
2. Death Without a Thought - Direct Action
3. Voice Your Protest - Crag
4. In Your Hand - Attrition
5. The Crucifixion of Possessions - Napalm Death
6. Sun, Sun, Sun - Impalers
7. Picture Show - Health Hazzard
8. Radio Times - Phil Hedgehog
9. Faceless - Malice
10. Paranoia - Michael Kingzett Taylor
11. The Demonstration - Brainwashed Pupils
12. Work to Consume - No Defences
13. Berlin Wall - A.N.E.E.B.
14. Carnage - Carnage
15. Beasts of Fiction - Warning
16. Excess Youth - State of Shock
17. Hard Nut - Neale Harmer
18. Action Man - Dead to the World
19. Life in a Whiskey Bottle - Dandruff
20. Will You Care? - Richard III
21. The Hare and the Tortoise - Funky Rayguns