All Time Low - Tell Me I'm Alive [WHITE VINYL] (LP)

Tell Me I'm Alive [WHITE VINYL]
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140g white vinyl

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All Time Low released their ninth studio album, Tell Me I'm Alive on March 17th, and played a sold out Wembley Arena on album release day. Now, the album is being made available on vinyl formats!



1. Tell Me I'm Alive
2. Modern Love
3. Are You There?
4. Sleepwalking
5. Calm Down
6. English Blood // American Heartache
7. The Sound of Letting Go
8. New Religion [feat. Teddy Swims]
9. The Way You Miss Me
10. I'd Be Fine (If I Never Saw You Again)
11. Kill Ur Vibe
12. The Other Side
13. Lost Along the Way