Pretenders - Relentless [BABY PINK VINYL] (LP)

Relentless [BABY PINK VINYL]
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Baby pink vinyl
Relentless features 12 all-new songs, crafted between legendary Chrissie Hynde and Pretenders' guitarist James Walbourne, who has recorded with everyone from Dave Gahan to Jerry Lee Lewis.

In a note, Chrissie Hynde explains that the two balance one another, saying: "We had developed this method of working remotely and it seemed like we just kept on doing it for this album. This is something that we've honed down to an art in the last few years. He always comes up with something I wouldn't have thought of myself and I love surprises."

As for the album title itself, Chrissie adds: "I enjoy seeing the various meanings and origins of a word. And I liked the definition: 'showing no abatement of intensity.' It's the life of the artist. You never retire. You become relentless."

Produced by David Wrench and recorded at Battery Studios in West London, Relentless lands on September 1st.



1. Losing My Sense of Taste
2. A Love
3. Domestic Silence
4. The Copa
5. The Promise of Love
6. Merry Widow
7. Let the Sun Come In
8. Look Away
9. Your House is on Fire
10. Just Let Go
11. Vainglorious
12. I Think About You Daily [feat. Jonny Greenwood]