Pere Ubu - Raygun Suitcase [RSD23] (LP)

Raygun Suitcase [RSD23]
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Available in-store on Saturday 22nd April.

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White vinyl
Available for the first time on vinyl, Pere Ubu’s Raygun Suitcase is pressed on limited edition white vinyl and features updated artwork.

In 1995, after thumbing a nose at tradition, allegedly not arty enough for the artisans and too old for a new generation of “rock” fans, Pere Ubu reinvented the mainstream (again) and carved graffiti on the expectations of the alternative cognoscenti with an album that was “as effective as ever in the brooding atmosphere department." (The Independent)



1. Folly of Youth
2. Electricity
3. Beach Boys
4. Turquoise Fins
5. Vacuum in my Head
6. Memphis
7. Three Things
8. Don't Worry
9. Red Sky
10. Montana
11. My Friend is a Stooge
12. Down by the River