Blur - Blur Present The Special Collectors Edition [RSD23] (LP)

Blur Present The Special Collectors Edition [RSD23]
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Available in-store on Saturday 22nd April.

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Blue vinyl
Originally released in 1994 as a Japan-only CD, The Special Collector’s Edition is presented on vinyl for the first time ever for Record Store Day 2023. The 2LP package will be pressed on coloured vinyl.

The Special Collector’s Edition features a collection of B-sides taken from singles from the band's first three studio albums: Leisure, Modern Life is Rubbish and Parklife.



LP 1:
1. Day Upon Day (Live)
2. Inertia
3. Luminous
4. Mace
5. Badgeman Brown
6. Hanging Over
7. Peach
8. When the Cows Come Home

LP 2:
1. Maggie May
2. Es Schmecht
3. Fried [feat. Seymour]
4. Anniversary Waltz
5. Threadneedle Street
6. Got Yer!
7. Supa Shoppa
8. Beard
9. Theme From an Imaginary Film
10. Bank Holiday