Depeche Mode - Memento Mori [OPAQUE RED VINYL] (LP)

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Memento Mori is the 15th studio album by Depeche Mode, set to be released on 24th March 2023, through Columbia and Mute.

The album was recorded by producer James Ford, and will be preceded by the single Ghosts Again. It will be the first Depeche Mode studio album to be recorded and released as duo, after the death of co-founder and keyboardist Andy Fletcher on 26th May 2022.



LP 1:
1. My Cosmos is Mine
2. Wagging Tongue
3. Ghosts Again
4. Don't Say You Love Me
5. My Favourite Stranger
6. Soul With Me

LP 2:
1. Caroline's Monkey
2. Before We Drown
3. People Are Good
4. Always You
5. Never Let Me Go
6. Speak to Me