Hallan - Sich Übergeben / Money Talks (7" Single)

Sich Übergeben / Money Talks
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Portsmouth post-punks Hallan unleash their pulsating new single Sich Übergeben - out via Nice Swan Records (English Teacher, Sports Team, Courting). The track is a study in perpetual motion - caught between an exhilarating swagger and a drunken lurch. Built around a spiralling, infectious synth lead-line, rolling bass and drums, and skittish guitars, this all provides the backbone for Conor Clements' visceral vocal spitting. It tells a tawdry tale, examining the propensity for unhinged views born of banal insularity. As the band explain: "A father hiding behind a screen, a family watching the Queen's jubilee and a wife leaving her unloving husband for a new life in Spain. We've seen all of these people and we know them too."


- 7"

1. Sich Übergeben
2. Money Talks