Soren Juul - This Moment (LP)

This Moment
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This Moment is the first album by Danish artist Søren Juul to be released under his own name, having previously recorded using the moniker Indians. A deeply personal account of Juul'€™s life over a tumultuous three-year period, This Moment was recorded mainly in Copenhagen and finished in Los Angeles with producer and fellow Dane Peter Stengaard. An uplifting and redemptive work, the immersive soundscapes of the songs reach heights Juul'€™s work had hinted at.

1. Ambitions
2. Dear Child
3. Greenpoint
4. Don't Want to Fool You
5. Epic Moon
6. Manly Beach
7. Soulseeker
8. Pushing Me Away
9. Seventeen
10. This Moment