Pere Ubu - Nuke the Whales 2006-2014 (LP Box Set)

Nuke the Whales 2006-2014
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Rewriting the history of music, Pere Ubu continue to confound convention and shift personnel. The next box set in Fire Records' reissue series, Nuke the Whales houses four LPs originally released between 2006 and 2014 - Why I LUV Women, Carnival of Souls, Lady of Shanghai and Long Live Pere Ubu!.

All four albums have been remixed and remastered by original Pere Ubu member David Thomas. Why I LUV Women, originally released on Glitterhouse in 2006, gains its first vinyl release. It's joined by Long Live Pere Ubu a soundtrack to a musical adaptation of the play. And Lady From Shanghai, their Fire debut for Fire in 2013. Originally released on the 35th anniversary of the group's debut, The Modern Dance, a latter day re-evaluation of the unprompted dance genre. And its follow up Carnival of Souls, a haunting 'underscore' to a tale of alienation.


- 4LP



LP 1:
1. Two Girls (One Bar)
2. Babylonian Warehouses
3. Blue Velvet
4. Caroleen
5. Flames Over Nebraska
6. Love Song
7. Stolen Cadillac
8. Mona
9. Synth Farm
10. Texas Overture

LP 2:
1. Thanks
2. Free White
3. Feuksly Ma'am, The Hearing
4. Mandy
5. Musicians Are Scum
6. Another One
7. And Then Nothing Happened
8. Road Trip of Bipasha Ahmed
9. Lampshade Man
10. 414 Seconds
11. The Carpenter Sun

LP 3:
1. Golden Surf II
2. Drag the River
3. Irene
4. Road to Utah
5. Throb Array
6. Visions of the Moon
7. Dr Faustus
8. Bus Station
9. Carnival
10. Moonstruck

LP 4:
1. Ubu Overture
2. Song of the Grocery Police
3. Banquet of the Butchers
4. Tear Your Eyes Out
5. March of Greed
6. Big Sombrero
7. Bring Me the Head
8. Alienating the Audience
9. Road to Reason
10. Slowly I Turn
11. Watching the Pigeons
12. The Story So Far
13. Snowy Livonia, Pt 1
14. Elsinore & Beyond