Garbage - Beautiful Garbage [WHITE VINYL] (LP)

Beautiful Garbage [WHITE VINYL]
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Beautiful Garbage is the third studio album from Garbage, initially released on 1st October 2001. Marking a departure from the sound the band had established on their first two releases, Garbage and Version 2.0, the album was written and recorded over the course of a year, when lead singer Shirley Manson chronicled their efforts weekly online, becoming one of the first high-profile musicians to keep an internet blog. The album expanded on the band's musical variety, with stronger melodies, more direct lyrics, and sounds mixing rock with electronica, new wave, hip hop, and girl groups.


- 2LP
- 180G VINYL

LP 1:
1. Shut Your Mouth
2. Androgyny
3. Can't Cry These Tears
4. Til the Day I Die
5. Cup of Coffee
6. Silence is Golden
7. Cherry Lips

LP 2:
1. Breaking Up the Girl
2. Drive You Home
3. Parade
4. Nobody Loves You
5. Untouchable
6. So Like a Rose