Wilco - Star Wars (Indie Exclusive) (LP)

Star Wars (Indie Exclusive)
Not Currently Available
Originally released back in July as a free download, Wilco'€™s ninth studio album Star Wars is now available on vinyl - complete with a download code to exclusive bonus live material. The group'€™s first studio set in four years, the record has been a hit among critics and fans alike, and was performed in its entirety during the band'€™s headlining set at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

Available exclusively through independent stores such as ourselves, this special edition is pressed on coloured vinyl. A must for collectors!

1. EKG
2. More...
3. Random Name Generator
4. The Joke Explained
5. You Satellite
6. Taste the Ceiling
7. Pickled Ginger
8. Where Do I Begin
9. Cold Slope
10. King Of You
11. Magnetized