Stereophonics - Oochya! (CD)

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Oochya! is the brand new studio album by Stereophonics released in March 2022, and featuring 15 tracks, including the brand new single Hanging on Your Hinges.

As Stereophonics celebrate 25 years as one of the UK's most loved bands, with Oochya! Kelly Jones continues to cement his place amongst the great British songwriters. Having now achieved seven #1 albums and 8.5 million albums sold in the UK alone, Stereophonics stand as undeniable giants of British music.


- CD

1. Hanging on Your Hinges
2. Forever
3. When You See It
4. Do Ya Feel My Love
5. Right Place Right Time
6. Close Enough to Drive Home
7. Leave the Light On
8. Running Round My Brain
9. Every Dog Has Its Day
10. You're My Soul
11. All I Have is You
12. Made a Mess of Me
13. Seen That Look Before
14. Don't Know What Ya Got
15. Jack in a Box