Pere Ubu - Pennsylvania (CD)

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From the turn of the millennium, Pennsylvania was the 11th studio album from this uncompromising and influential group, presenting their dark take on pop music. This edition is newly remixed by David Thomas in 2021 and reissued on Fire Records.

"Everyone talked about our artiness and our unlikeableness, people completely ignored for decades me saying, 'We're a pop band.'" David Thomas. With Pennsylvania, Pere Ubu welcome you to a barely recognisable secret country drawn out of its own spectral geography... This is much more than just music.


- CD

1. Woolie Bullie
2. Highwaterville
4. Urban Lifestyle
5. Silent Spring
6. Mr Wheeler
7. Muddy Waters
8. Drive
9. Indiangiver
10. Monday Morning
11. Perfume
12. Fly's Eye
13. Wheelhouse