Pere Ubu - St. Arkansas (CD)

St. Arkansas
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Pere Ubu's darkest and most dramatic statement, St. Arkansas remains a work of offhand brilliance by a band who often seem capable of miracles. This edition is newly remixed by David Thomas in 2021 and reissued on Fire Records.

Following Pennsylvania, St Arkansas (2002) was Pere Ubu's next studio album featuring a travelogue of characters encountered on the Mighty Road from Conway Arkansas to Tupelo Mississippi, I-40 to US 49 to State 6. "I drove the route and wrote down what the Road was telling me." David Thomas. Pere Ubu are the mainstream.


- CD

1. The Feverered Dream of Hernando DeSoto
2. Slow Walking Daddy
3. Michele
4. 333
5. Hell
6. Phone Home Jonah
7. Lisbon
8. Mr Steve
9. Where's the Truth
10. Dark