Paul Weller - Illumination (LP)

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Paul Weller's sixth solo studio album, Illumination was originally released in September 2002. It was his second solo #1, and includes the hit singles It's Written in the Stars (#7) and Leafy Mysteries (#23) and features guest performances from Carleen Anderson, Jocelyn Brown, Kelly Jones and Noel Gallagher.

The vinyl was originally pressed in very small quantities and now changes hands for £200-plus. The 2021 reissue features faithful original packaging replication including rounded corners and was cut at London's Metropolis Studios.


- LP

1. Going Places
2. A Bullet for Everyone
3. Leafy Mysteries
4. It's Written in the Stars
5. Who Brings Joy
6. Now the Night is Here
7. Spring (At Last)
8. One X One
9. Bag Man
10. All Good Books
11. Call Me No.5
12. Standing Out in the Universe
13. Illumination