Paul Weller - Days of Speed (LP)

Days of Speed
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Days of Speed is an acoustic, double live album featuring songs from across Paul's career including The Jam classics; That's Entertainment and Town Called Malice, The Style Council's Headstart for Happiness and Down in the Seine and solo hits, You Do Something to Me and Wild Wood.

Originally released in October 2001, charting at #3 in the UK, the initial double-vinyl release was strictly limited and now sells for £250-plus on the secondary market. The 2021 reissue features faithful original packaging replication and was cut at London's Metropolis Studios.


- 2LP

LP 1:
1. Brand New Start
2. The Loved
3. Out of the Sinking
4. Clues
5. English Rose
6. Above the Clouds
7. You Do Something to Me
8. Amongst Butterflies
9. Science

LP 2:
1. Back in the Fire
2. Down in the Seine
3. That's Entertainment
4. Love-Less
5. There's No Drinking After You're Dead
6. Everything Has a Price to Pay
7. Wild Wood
8. Headstart for Happiness
9. Town Called Malice