Garbage - Garbage (LP)

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Originally surfacing in 1995, Garbage's self-titled debut album was met with critical acclaim upon its release. Featuring the band's most recognisable single Stupid Girl, the record has since sold over four million copies and achieving double platinum certification in the UK, US and Australia. Formed in 1993 comprising of members Duke Erikson, Steve Marker, Butch Vig and Shirley Manson, Garbage have gone onto sell over 17 million albums worldwide over a 28-year career.

This new reissue, alongside the re-press of their follow-up album Version 2.0 (1998), is the first time the newly remastered record has been made available via BMG, ahead of their new studio album No Gods No Masters, to be released on Infectious Records in June 2021.


- 2LP

LP 1:
1. Supervixen
2. Queer
3. Only Happy When It Rains
4. As Heaven is Wide
5. Not My Idea
6. A Stroke of Luck

LP 2:
1. Vow
2. Stupid Girl
3. Dog New Tricks
4. My Lover's Box
5. Fix Me Now
6. Milk