Crass - Christ Alive! The Rehearsal [RSD 2021] (LP)

Christ Alive! The Rehearsal [RSD 2021]
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Originally recorded in 1982 in Crass' rehearsal studio at Dial House, Christ Alive documents the ofttimes gruelling process behind the making of a song. Given the exacting nature of Crass’ finished works, it's illuminating to hear them battling out results that eventually gave them the structure to Christ the Album. After many hours spent in the studio, it was decided that Beethoven would be expertly weaved into the recordings. Call it Crasshoven if you like.

This black vinyl pressing, limited to 1,000 units, will also see all profits donated to the Refuge, a UK charity working against domestic violence.



- LP

1. Have a Nice Day (Rehearsal Version)
2. Mother Love (Rehearsal Version)
3. Nineteen Eighty Bore (Rehearsal Version)
4. I Know There is Love (Rehearsal Version)
5. Beg Your Pardon (Rehearsal Version)
6. Birth Control 'n' Rock 'n' Roll (Rehearsal Version)
7. Reality Whitewash (Rehearsal Version)
8. The Greatest Working-Class Rip-Off (Rehearsal Version)
9. Deadhead (Rehearsal Version)
10. You Can Be Who? (Rehearsal Version)
11. Buy Now Pay as You Go (Rehearsal Version)
12. Bumhooler (Rehearsal Version)
13. First Woman (Rehearsal Version)
14. Sentiment (White Feathers) (Rehearsal Version)
15. Major General Despair (Rehearsal Version)