Paul Weller - An Orchestrated Songbook: Paul Weller with Jules Buckley & The BBC Symphony Orchestra [DELUXE] (CD)

An Orchestrated Songbook: Paul Weller with Jules Buckley & The BBC Symphony Orchestra [DELUXE]
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On May 15th 2021 Paul Weller performed an exceptional concert with the hugely talented BBC Symphony Orchestra and award winning arranger Jules Buckley. This extraordinary performance was a first for Paul, performing with a full orchestra, and saw a quintessential selection of his vast catalogue exquisitely reworked and updated into 75 minutes of breath-taking music that was broadcast across the BBC.

The setlist includes classic tracks across Paul's The Jam, Style Council and solo career. It also features choice cuts from Paul's last three studio albums, (including his recent #1 albums On Sunset and Fat Pop: Volume 1). All tracks are given the most sublime orchestral treatments. Conductor Jules Buckley has clearly done his homework with a stunning atmospheric interpretation of The Jam's English Rose with sweeping strings showcasing its sparse beauty. Special guest Celeste adds even more elegance to the classic Wild Wood, while fan favourite Broken Stones soulfully shimmers with a scene stealing guest duet performance from James Morrison. To top things off, national treasure Boy George joins Paul for a version of The Style Council's hit single You're The Best Thing. The set comes to a close with sublime versions of the classic You Do Something to Me and the majestic White Horses from the album True Meanings.

Alongside the orchestra, Paul was also accompanied by long-term collaborator and guitarist Steve Cradock. This eclectic assortment of compositions from Paul's illustrious career, invigorated by Jules Bickley's sumptuous arrangements made for a visual and aural delight.


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1. Andromeda
2. English Rose
3. My Ever Changing Moods
4. On Sunset
5. Carnatio
6. Glad Times
7. Broken Stones [feat. James Morrison]
8. Gravity
9. It's a Very Deep Sea
10. Bowie
11. Equanimity
12. You're the Best Thing [feat. Boy George]
13. Still Glides the Stream
14. Movin' On
15. Wild Wood [feat. Celeste]
16. Rockets
17. You Do Something to Me
18. White Horses