The Lounge Society - Silk for the Starving (12" Single)

Silk for the Starving
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Calder Valley's The Lounge Society announce the release of their Dan Carey-produced debut EP Silk for the Starving, out on Speedy Wunderground (Squid, black midi, Loyle Carner, Black Country, New Road).

With their first two singles under their belts - Generation Game, the fastest selling 7" for the award-winning label and Burn the Heather - plus a raft of Ones to Watch accolades for 2021, there is much anticipation for what lies next for the band.

In early 2020, Generation Game announced the band as artists shaping powerful narratives around a fast-fragmenting society. With the lyric "what will the US do?" they served up a painfully prescient prediction of American unrest.

Follow-up single Burn the Heather made a left-hand turn for the more punk-funk, sneering at culture wars and the damaging impact of a class divide.

New single Cain's Heresy shakes with the propulsion of a nimble rhythm section, full of bite and scorn, simultaneously swinging angrily at a negligent political class ("The death of four souls is less than a kick in the teeth, for them"), the threat of misinformation ("Poisonous ideals on the screen breed a vicious way of thinking, off the screen") and the noxious follow-the-leader march of celebrity culture ("They're servants to fame"). The EP title Silk for the Starving in itself probes at a society that routinely neglects the needs of the have-nots.

The Lounge Society sing about what they know then. Make no mistake, this is the sound of young England: articulate, enraged and energised. And - perhaps crucially - highly danceable too. It should give hope to anyone who has lost faith in the future, because here the future is in safe hands.


- 12"



1. Burn the Heather
2. Television
3. Cain's Heresy
4. Valley Bottom Fever