PJ Harvey - Uh Huh Her (LP)

Uh Huh Her
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Written, recorded and produced over two years by Harvey herself, with almost every instrument on the album self-performed (the only exception being the final drum tracks, which have been added by Rob Ellis), Uh Huh Her is PJ Harvey's highest charting album to date in the US, with the record also reaching number #12 in the UK. It gained her another BRIT Award nomination for Best British Female Artist, as well as a fifth Grammy Award nomination, for Best Alternative Music Performance of 2004.


- LP

1. The Life and Death of Mr. Badmouth
2. Shame
3. Who the Fuck?
4. The Pocket Knife
5. The Letter
6. The Slow Drug
7. No Child of Mine
8. Cat on the Wall
9. You Come Through
10. It's You
11. The End
12. The Desperate Kingdom of Love
13. The Darker Days of Me & Him