Cuffed Up - Cuffed Up [YELLOW VINYL] (12" Single)

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Cuffed Up formed through a chance encounter at a party where Sapphire Jewell and Ralph Torrefranca first met, connecting via their love for the UK punk scene with bands like IDLES and Shame. A few months later, Cuffed Up was formed along with Joe Liptock and Vic Ordonez, becoming a full-time band for the group. With comparisons to '90s bands like Sonic Youth and The Pixies to modern day post-punk UK acts like IDLES, it's no wonder why the LA based quartet have been turning heads since their debut double A-side Small Town Kid and Mother / Father was released at the end of 2019.


- 12"

1. Small Town Kid
2. Danger, Danger
3. Mother / Father
4. French Exit