Japanese Television - EP I & EP II Plus the Marc Riley BBC 6Music Session (LP)

EP I & EP II Plus the Marc Riley BBC 6Music Session
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From the ashes of three psychedelic rock bands rose Japanese Television, Al Brown, Alex Lawton, Ian Thorn and Tim David Jones - who formed with a shared vision of creating a modern psychedelic space-surf-soundscape. The band went into the studio with Kristian Bell of The Wytches who captured the raw spirit of their live performance, recording to 8-track tape.

The tracks make up their debut self-titled 2018 EP, which was named as an EP of the year by both Gideon Coe and Amy Lame at BBC 6 Music, and in 2019 EP II, which both sold out physically. This new release combines the sold out EP I and EP II with the addition of four brilliant bonus live Mark Riley BBC 6 Music Session tracks recorded in 2019.

- LP

1. Tick Tock
2. Surfing Saucers
3. Country Joe
4. Lizard Moon
5. Tick Tock (Mark Riley BBC 6Music Session)
6. Lizard Moon (Mark Riley BBC 6Music Session)
7. Crocodile Dentist (Mark Riley BBC 6Music Session)
8. Uncle Doovy
9. Bruno's Nightmare
10. Slime
11. Bloodworm
12. Crocodile Dentist
13. 3 Ball Plant
14. Blood Worm (Mark Riley BBC 6Music Session)