Depeche Mode - Mode [18CD] (CD Box Set)

Mode [18CD]
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Mode is a superb new limited edition collection of Depeche Mode's work to date - comprised of all 14 studio albums plus additional non-album material - from 2017's Spirit back to 1981's debut Speak & Spell.

In line with Depeche Mode's signature aesthetic, the numbered package is housed in an elegant and minimalist black cube, with each disc similarly enclosed in a black, heavyweight card wallet. The albums' original covers have been reinterpreted in uniform black-on-black designs exclusive to this box set, and four additional bonus discs provide a chronological collection of non-album singles, B-sides and bonus tracks.

Accompanying the audio content is a 228-page, gilt-edged book containing all of Depeche Mode's lyrics, compiled together for the first time, highlighting their collective visceral power and impact.

- 18CD

1. Speak & Spell
2. A Broken Frame
3. Construction Time Again
4. Some Great Reward
5. Black Celebration
6. Music for the Masses
7. Violator
8. Songs of Faith and Devotion
9. Ultra
10. Exciter
11. Playing the Angel
12. Sounds of the Universe
13. Delta Machine
14. Spirit
15. 1981-1985
16. 1986-1990
17. 1993-2005
18. 2006-2017