Dry Cleaning - Sweet Princess // Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks (12" Single)

Sweet Princess // Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks
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Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks / Sweet Princess compiles together Dry Cleaning's first two EP releases on vinyl.

Firm friends for years, the band (Lewis Maynard, Tom Dowse, Florence Shaw and Nick Buxton) only started making music after a party in 2017 inspired a collaboration. They wrote instrumentally to begin with and six months later Shaw, a university lecturer and picture researcher by day, joined on vocals with no prior musical experience.

They recorded their acclaimed debut Sweet Princess EP before playing their first show only last year. Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks takes its name from the location and context of a shared genesis, and marks a significant chapter for the band as the last tracks to be written in their original rehearsal space. The collection features the singles Magic of Meghan and Sit Down Meal.

- 12"

1. Dog Proposal
2. Viking Hair
3. Spoils
4. Jam After School
5. Sombre One
6. Sit Down Meal
7. Goodnight
8. New Job
9. Magic of Meghan
10. Traditional Fish
11. Phone Scam
12. Conversation