The Pop Group - Y [LP/12"] (LP)

Y [LP/12
Ships In 2/3 Days
Y is the highly influential and innovative debut album by The Pop Group, released in 1979. In the same year The Pop Group released their single She is Beyond Good & Evil / 3:38 - included here as a bonus 12".

The band went on to release two further singles, We Are All Prostitutes and Where There Is a Will (a split single with the Slits) and one further studio album, For How Much Do We Tolerate Mass Murder, before splitting up in 1981.

- LP / 12"

1. Thief of Fire
2. Snowgirl
3. Blood Money
4. Savage Sea
5. We Are Time
6. Words Disobey Me
7. Don't Call Me Pain
8. Boys from Brazil
9. Don't Sell Your Dreams

1. She Is Beyond Good and Evil
2. 3:38