Band of Skulls - Love Is All You Love (CD)

Love Is All You Love
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Acclaimed British rock band Band of Skulls release their fifth album Love Is All You Love this April! The follow-up to 2016'€™s By Default, the record was produced by Richard X.

"This record is tough and tender with a rebellious spirit,"€ say Emma and Russell. "€œIt is a positive record. It looks to what is possible and how a little love and human kindness can help bring about positive change. We drew on personal experiences, changes in our situation, and couldn'€™t help but be affected by what has been going on in the world politically, culturally and environmentally. Attempting to overcome that sometimes powerless feeling by creating and connecting with people and making something new."

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1. Carnivorous
2. That's My Trouble
3. Love Is All You Love
4. Not the Kind of Nothing
5. Cool Your Battles
6. Sound of You
7. Thanks a Lot
8. We'™re Alive
9. Speed of Light
10. Gold