Big Country - Why the Long Face? [4CD] (CD Box Set)

Why the Long Face? [4CD]
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Formed in Dunfermline, Scotland in 1981 by guitarists Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson, Big Country quickly broke worldwide with their initial album The Crossing, selling over two million copies and receiving three Grammy nominations in the US. Success continued, and the band went on to put out another five highly regarded albums before the release of Why The Long Face in 1995.

This release includes not only Why the Long Face, but also their live 1996 album Eclectic, plus a huge array of bonus tracks and band demos, including alternative and acoustic versions of classic tracks such as In a Big Country and You Dreamer, plus a whole load of rarities including cover versions of Alice Cooper'€™s Teenage Lament, Creedence Clearwater Revival'€™s Down on the Corner and Neil Young'€™s Hey Hey My My.

- 4CD
Included :

1. Why the Long Face?
2. Why the Long Face? - Bonus Tracks
3. Eclectic
4. Why the Long Face? - Demos