Cicada Rhythm - Everywhere I Go (CD)

Everywhere I Go
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Cicada Rhythm are Andrea DeMarcus and Dave Kirslis. Following their 2015 self-titled debut the band consciously decided to build upon their homespun, stripped-down folk sound by bringing in more musicians and multiple producers to their latest record, Everywhere I Go.

Recorded in a string of studios across the southeast, it'€™s a snapshot of a band on the move, with new members filling their line-up and a louder set of influences propelling their sound forward. There are roots-rock tunes, slow waltzes, front porch folksongs and backwoods ballads, all delivered by a group of road warriors who'€™ve cut their teeth not only in the writing room but on stage, too. Kenneth Pattengale (Milk Carton Kids) and Oliver Wood (The Wood Brothers) share production duties, giving Everywhere I Go a broad, diverse punch.

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1. America's Open Roads
2. Even In the Shallows
3. Shake Up
4. Dream Alone
5. Roses By My Side
6. Straight Scared
7. Out Alive
8. Do I Deserve It Yet?
9. Kaleidoscope Rose
10. Where The Dogwood Dies
11. Bare Minimum
12. Back Home