Kyle Craft - Full Circle Nightmare (CD)

Full Circle Nightmare
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Ever since his debut album Dolls of Highland, Kyle Craft has been a critic'€™s dream. Based in Portland, he serves up all the observational, storytelling talent with none of the attitude that so often comes with male singer songwriter territory. "€œI've found my place,"€ he says. "€œI'€™m not one of those people that approaches music for anyone other than myself. My favorite part about music is when it'€™s just me and a notebook." Speaking of, his second album Full Circle Nightmare is entirely autobiographical. Sonically, thematically, lyrically, it'€™s a huge leap forward from his 2016 release.

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1. Fever Dream Girl
2. Full Circle Nightmare
3. Heartbreak Junky
4. The Rager
5. Exile Rag
6. Belmont (One Trick Pony)
7. Slick & Delta Queen
8. Fake Magic Angel
9. Bridge City Rose
10. Gold Calf Moan