Shame - Songs of Praise (Cassette)

Songs of Praise
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Shame thrive on confrontation. Whether it be the seething intensity crackling throughout debut album Songs of Praise or the adrenaline-pumping chaos that unfolds at Shame's shows, it'€™s all fuelled by feeling. NPR'€™s Bob Boilen noted, "€œOf the 70 bands I saw at this year'€™s SXSW, the band Shame seemed to mean what they played more than any other."  

Utilizing both the grit and sincerity of their musical background, Shame carved out a niche in the South London music scene and then barrelled fearlessly into the angular, thrashing post punk that would go on to make up Songs of Praise. From Gold Hole, a tongue-in-cheek takedown of rock narcissism, to lead track Concrete detailing the overwhelming moment of realizing a relationship is doomed, to the frustrated Tasteless taking aim at the monotony of people droning through their day-to-day, Songs of Praise never pauses to catch its breath.  

- Cassette

1. Dust On Trial
2. Concrete
3. One Rizla
4. The Lick
5. Tasteless
6. Donk
7. Gold Hole
8. Friction
9. Lampoon
10. Angie