Depeche Mode - The Best Of: Vol. 1[3LP] (LP Box Set)

The Best Of: Vol. 1[3LP]
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A superb overview of Depeche Mode'€™s esteemed catalogue, The Best Of: Vol. 1 features 18 classic hits, and has been out of print on vinyl for a number of years.

1. Personal Jesus
2. Just Can't Get Enough
3. Everything Counts
4. Enjoy the Silence
5. Shake The Disease
6. See You
7. It's No Good
8. Strangelove
9. Suffer Well
10. Dream On
11. People Are People
12. Martyr
13. Walking in My Shoes
14. I Feel You
15. Precious
16. Master and Servant
17. New Life
18. Never Let Me Down Again