Altered Images - Bite [Deluxe] (LP)

Bite [Deluxe]
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After the success of Altered Images'€™ previous two albums, Happy Birthday and Pinky Blue, Bite saw a change in musical direction. Gone was the earlier post punk sound, with the songs becoming far more polished with a pure pop pedigree. To that end Mike Chapman and Tony Visconti were brought in as producers. The record spawned one of the band's biggest hits in Don't Talk To Me About Love, which reached #7 in the UK chart.

This new reissue expands the album into a superb double-LP set.

1. Bring Me Closer
2. Don't Talk To Me About Love (Extended Mix)
3. Another Lost Look
4. Love To Stay
5. Now That You're Here
6. Don't Talk To Me About Love
7. Stand So Quiet
8. Another Lost Look (Live Studio Version)
9. Change Of Heart
10. Thinking About You

1. Bring Me Closer (Extended Mix)
2. Surprise Me
3. I Don't Want To Know
4. Last Goodbye