Altered Images - Pinky Blue [Deluxe] (LP)

Pinky Blue [Deluxe]
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Originally released in May 1982, Pinky Blue came hot on the heels of the Happy Birthday album. Remastered and pressed on 180g vinyl this collector's edition includes the original record plus a bonus disc of featuring extra tracks, including dance mixes from the 12"€ singles See Those Eyes, Pinky Blue and Jump Jump - Think That It Might. There is also the rare US extended mix of See Those Eyes.

LP 1:
1. Pinky Blue
2. See Those Eyes
3. Forgotten
4. Little Brown Head
5. See You Later
6. Song Sung Blue
7. Funny Funny Me
8. Think That It Might
9. I Could Be Happy
10. Jump Jump
11. Goodnight I Wish

LP 2:
1. See Those Eyes (Dance Mix)
2. Pink Blue (Dance Mix)
3. Disco Pop Stars
4. Jump Jump - I Think That It Might
5. How About That Then
6. See Those Eyes (Us Remix)