!!! - Shake the Shudder (LP)

Shake the Shudder
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Shake the Shudder is !!!'€™s way of saying "€œshake it off and dance your cares away." For them, the sound of protest can be a march or it can be a sick groove paired with some short shorts. Shake the Shudder is a product of !!!'€™s DIY punk roots presenting a harder edge lyrically and sonically, while incorporating transatlantic electronic music influences.

The new record opens with The One 2, diving right into experimentation. "€œWe'€™ve always admired this style of dance music from afar and were curious if we could add our twist to it, our twist being a plotline and some attitude."€ Immediately segueing into the soon-to-be live favourite Dancing is the Best Revenge, the record starts off with a bang and doesn’t let up till the closing groove R Rated Pictures.

1. The One 2
2. DITBR (Interlude)
3. Dancing Is The Best Revenge
5. Throw Yourself In The River
6. What r u up 2Day?
7. Five Companies
8. Throttle Service
9. Imaginary Interviews
10. Our Love (U Can Get)
11. Things Get Hard
12. R Rated Pictures