Alison Krauss - Windy City [Deluxe] (CD)

Windy City [Deluxe]
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Windy City is Alison Krauss'€™s first solo studio album since 1999. It is a beautifully created collection of classic songs, from the most awarded female in Grammy history, produced by Nashville veteran Buddy Cannon. The record spans across different eras and genres with some familiar tracks - including Gentle on My Mind, a signature song of Glen Campbell'€™s, and You Don'€™t Know Me which was a hit for Eddy Arnold and Ray Charles.

This deluxe edition CD supplements the record with seven bonus tracks.

1. Losing You
2. It's Goodbye And So Long To You
3. Windy City
4. I Never Cared For You       
5. River In The Rain       
6. Dream Of Me       
7. Gentle On My Mind       
8. All Alone Am I       
9. Poison Love       
10. You Don't Know Me
11. Make The World Go Away (feat. Jamey Johnson)
12. 12. Till I Gain Control Again (Live from DAR Constitution Hall)
13. 13. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (Live from DAR Constitution Hall)
14. 14. Windy City (Live)
15. 15. River In The Rain (Live)
16. 16. Losing You (Live)
17. 17. I Never Cared For You (Live)