Alasdair Roberts - Pangs (LP)

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Since 2001, Alasdair Roberts has busily pursued the path of his ancestors, down the many and varied byways of Scottish traditional music.

Recorded in Ireland with Julie MacLarnon, Pangs finds Alasdair in a power trio beside his long-time musical partners Alex Neilson on drums and Stevie Jones on bass (and he turns his hand to piano and organ too). Along with guests Debbie Armour, Tom Crossley, Rafe Fitzpatrick and Jessica Kerr, they summon up a powerful - and powerfully gorgeous - storm over 10 new songs.

1. Pangs
2. No Dawn Song
3. An Altar In The Glade
4. The Breach
5. The Angry Laughing God
6. Wormwood And Gall
7. The Downward Road
8. Scarce Of Fishing
9. Vespers Chime
10. Song Of The Marvels