Amber Run - For a Moment, I Was Lost [Indie Exclusive] (LP)

For a Moment, I Was Lost [Indie Exclusive]
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Amber Run are readying to release their sophomore album, For A Moment, I Was Lost, a 12-track chronicle of their interval between the last, packed with moments of expansive beauty & full-blooded raw emotion.

"€œWe have always believed in evolution as a band. Not reinvention so much as taking what's already there and making it better. As students in Nottingham, we would sit and say '€˜we'll be the band we want to be by the 4th album.'€™ Somewhere along the way, we forgot that evolution takes time. We forgot that any new experience has a learning curve. The new album trims the fat from our previous music, and get down to the bare bones of the songs. We're songwriters, and where 5AM was a collection of songs written in our youth, these new songs are, for us, a timely response to more recent experiences."

This limited edition LP is pressed on white vinyl, and is only available through independent stores such as ourselves.

1. Insomniac
2. No Answers
3. Island
4. Stranger
5. Fickle Game
6. Haze
7. White Lie
8. Perfect
9. Dark Bloom
10. Machine
11. Are You Home
12. Wastelands