Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Milestones of a Legend (10CD) (CD Box Set)

Milestones of a Legend (10CD)
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This terrific value 10CD set includes nine original albums from Cliff Richard & The Shadows, as well as a stunning selection of 79 bonus tracks. It contains his best rock 'n' roll songs from his early recordings made between 1959 and 1962, including the most successful instrumental titles by The Shadows, from Apache to Guitar Tango on two of the CDs. The set also includes such unforgettable evergreens as Blue Moon, Unchained Melody, Blueberry Hill and Living Doll.

1. Apron Strings
2. My Babe
3. Down the Line
4. I Got a Feeling
5. Jet Black
6. Baby I Don't Care
7. Donna
8. Move It
9. Ready Teddy
10. Too Much
11. Don't Bug Me Baby
12. Driftin'
13. That'll Be the Day
14. Be Bop a Lula
15. Danny
16. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' on
17. King Creole (Bonus Track)
18. TV Hop (Bonus Track)
19. Rockin' Robin (Bonus Track)
20. I'll Try (Bonus Track)
21. Highschool Confidential (Bonus Track)

1. Blue Suede Shoes
2. The Snake and the Bookworm
3. I Gotta Know
4. Here Comes Summer
5. I'll String Along With You
6. Embracable You
7. As Time Goes By
8. The Touch of Your Lips
9. Twenty Flight Rock
10. Pointed Toe Shoes
11. Mean Woman Blues
12. I'm Walking
13. I Don't Know Why
14. Little Things Mean a Lot
15. Somewhere Along the Way
16. That's My Desire
17. Somebody Touched Me (Bonus Track)
18. Early In the Morning (Bonus Track)
19. Roving Gambler (Bonus Track)
20. My Blue Heaven (Bonus Track)
21. Save My Soul (Bonus Track)

1. I'm Gonna Get You
2. You and I
3. I Cannot Find a True Love
4. Evergreen Tree
5. She's Gone
6. Left out Again
7. You're Just the One to Do It
8. Lamp of Love
9. Choppin' 'N' Changin'
10. We Have It Made
11. Tell Me
12. Gee Whiz It's You
13. I Love You So
14. I'm Willing To Learn
15. I Don't Know
16. Working after School
17. Mad About You (Bonus Track)
18. No Turning Back (Bonus Track)
19. Love (Bonus Track)
20. A Voice in the Wilderness (Bonus Track)
21. The Shrine on the Second Floor (Bonus Track)

1. What'd I Say
2. Blue Moon
3. True Love Will Come to You
4. Lover
5. Unchained Melody
6. Idle Gossip
7. First Lesson in Love
8. Almost Like Being in Love
9. Beat out Dat Rhythm on a Drum
10. Memories Linger On
11. Temptation
12. I Live For You
13. Sentimental Journey
14. I Want You to Know
15. We Kiss In a Shadow
16. It's You
17. Move It (Bonus Track)
18. Schoolboy Crush (Bonus Track)
19. High Class Baby (Bonus Track)
20. My Feet Hit the Ground (Bonus Track)

1. Happy Birthday to You
2. Forty Days
3. Catch Me
4. How Wonderful to Know
5. Tough Enough
6. 50 Tears for Every Kiss
7. The Night Is So Lonely
8. Poor Boy
9. Y'Arriva
10. Outsider
11. Tea for Two
12. To Prove My Love for You
13. Without You
14. A Mighty Lonely Man
15. My Blue Heaven
16. Shame on You
17. Livin' Lovin' Doll (Bonus Track)
18. Steady with You (Bonus Track)
19. Mean Streak (Bonus Track)
20. Never Mind (Bonus Track)

1. Friday Night
2. Got a Funny Feeling
3. Peace Pipe
4. Nothing's Impossible
5. The Young Ones
6. All for One
7. Lessons in Love
8. No One for Me but Nicky
9. MEDLEY: What'd You Know/We've Got a Show & Vaudeville/Have a Smile for Everyone You Meet/Tinkle, Tinkle, Tinle/Algy the Piccadilly Johnny/Captain Ginjah/Joshua/Where Did You Get That Hat/What'd You Know, We've Got a Show/Living Doll
10. When the Girl in Your Arms Is the Girl in Your Heart
11. Mambo - Just Dance/Mood Mambo
12. The Savage
13. We Say Yeah
14. Living Doll (Bonus Track)
15. Apron Strings (Bonus Track)
16. Travellin' Light (Bonus Track)
17. Dynamite (Bonus Track)
18. Fall in Love with You (Bonus Track)
19. Willie and the Hand Jive (Bonus Track)
20. Don't Be Mad At Me (Bonus Track)
21. Please Don't Tease (Bonus Track)
22. I Love You (Bonus Track)
23. D In Love (Bonus Track)

1. It'll Be Me
2. So I've Been Told
3. How Long Is Forever
4. I'm Walkin' the Blues
5. Turn around6. Blueberry Hill
6. Let's Make a Memory
7. When My Dream Boat Comes Home
8. I'm on My Way
9. Spanish Harlem
10. You Don't Know
11. Falling In Love with Love
12. Who Are We to Say
13. I Wake Up Cryin'
14. Nine Times Out Of Ten (Bonus Track)
15. Theme for a Dream (Bonus Track)
16. Mumblin' Mosie (Bonus Track)
17. A Girl like You (Bonus Track)
18. Got a Funny Feeling (Bonus Track)
19. I'm Looking Out the Window (Bonus Track)
20. Do You Want To Dance (Bonus Track)
21. Since I Lost You (Bonus Track)
22. The Next Time (Bonus Track)
23. Bachelor Boy (Bonus Track)
24. Big News (Bonus Track)

1. Shadoogie
2. Blue Star
3. Nivram
4. Baby My Heart
5. See You in My Drums
6. All My Sorrows
7. Stand Up and Say That!
8. Gonzales
9. Find Me a Golden Street
10. Theme from a Filleted Place
11. That's My Desire
12. My Resistance Is Low
13. Sleepwalk
14. Big Boy
15. Don't Be a Fool with Love (Bonus Track)
16. Chincilla (Bonus Track)
17. Saturday Dance (Bonus Track)
18. Lonesome Fella (Bonus Track)
19. Bongo Blues (Bonus Track)

1. The Rumble
2. The Bandit
3. Cosy
4. 1861
5. Perfidia
6. Little B
7. Bo Diddley
8. South Of the Border
9. Spring is Nearly Here
10. Are They All Like You?
11. Tales of a Raggy Tramline
12. Some Are Lonely
13. Kinda Cool
14. Apache (Bonus Track)
15. Quatermaster's Store (Bonus Track)
16. Man of Mystery (Bonus Track)
17. The Stranger (Bonus Track)
18. Shazam (Bonus Track)
19. Guitar Boogie (Bonus Track)
20. Sleepwalk (Bonus Track)
21. F. B. I. (Bonus Track)
22. Mustang (Bonus Track)
23. Theme from Shane (Bonus Track)

1. Shotgun
2. The Theme from Giant
3. F. B. I.
4. Midnight
5. The Frightened City
6. Back Home
7. Kon-Tiki
8. 36-24-36
9. The Savage
10. Peace Pipe
11. Wonderful Land
12. Stars Fell On Stockton
13. Guitar Tango
14. What a Lovely Tune
15. The Theme from The Boys
16. The Girls
17. Sweet Dreams
18. The Boys
19. Dance On
20. All Day