Aaron Keylock - Cut Against the Grain (CD)

Cut Against the Grain
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Born in Oxford, UK, teenage guitar sensation Aaron Keylock is about to emerge with his debut album, Cut Against the Grain.

While most kids were still playing with toys, Keylock was already stringing his Les Paul and developing his songwriting and guitar licks, and by the age of 11 could be found rocking the clubs of his hometown.

The young gunslinger headed to LA to record his debut album with producer Fabrizio Grossi who has previously worked with Alice Cooper, Slash, Steve Vai and Zakk Wylde.

1. All The Right Moves
2. Down
3. Medicine Man
4. Falling Again
5. Just One Question
6. Against The Grain
7. That's Not Me
8. Try
9. Spin The Bottle
10. Sun's Gonna Shine
11. No Matter What The Cost