Janeane Garofalo - If I May (CD)

If I May
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Janeane Garofalo'€™s If I May, her first special in five years, takes on society'€™s intolerance of gluten and House Hunters International. With her unapologetic attitude, Janeane proudly states her AARP membership, her love for Febreze but the disdain for their commercials, and her disinterest in doctors.

1. A Little Housekeeping
2. Speaking
3. Messages For the Youth
4. Musings on a Bully
5. Heritage
6. Gluten
7. Saying Yes to Life
8. Babies
9. The Kardashians
10. Life Without Cell Phones
11. Travel Companion
12. James Spader
13. The Hunger Games
14. Get Tough
15. Beadist
16. Meanings of Citizenship
17. Business Idea
18. Commercials
19. House Hunters
20. I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
21. Tales From Nordstrom Rack
22. Sephora
23. A Strong Ending