Lucy Rose - Live at Urchin Studios (Indie Exclusive) (CD)

Live at Urchin Studios (Indie Exclusive)
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Lucy Rose's latest record was recorded in just one hour in front of a live audience at Urchin Studios, London. Rose has spent the last year touring mostly acoustically, not just in the UK and Europe but India, Turkey and for 8 weeks in Latin America where she lived with fans and played gigs every night for free. It was during this experience that she decided to record an acoustic live record with fellow bandmate Alex Eichenberger as many fans wanted to be able to listen to the songs again in this stripped down fashion. The record consists of six songs from Rose's first LP, Like I Used To, and four from her second, Work It Out.

The album is stripped back, raw, real, full of emotion, made entirely for the fans, and is only available through independent stores such as ourselves.

1. Middle Of The Bed
2. For You
3. Shiver
4. Our Eyes
5. Red Face
6. My Life
7. Nightbus
8. Place
9. Nebraska
10. Don't You Worry