El Hombre Trajeado - Fast Diagonal (LP)

Fast Diagonal
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Influential Glasgow four-piece El Hombre Trajeado return from a 12 year hiatus with new album Fast Diagonal. Produced by Chemikal Underground'€™s Paul Savage, the record features guest vocals by Ela Orleans, Chris Mack (The James Orr Complex) and Sue Tompkins from the much missed Life Without Buildings.

Original El Hombre Trajeado members include SAY Award winning '€˜flamenco punk'€™ RM Hubbert and the ubiquitous multi instrumentalist Stevie Jones who has just completed a stint in Arab Strap'€™s reformed band and released the critically acclaimed album Brocken Spectre€™ in 2015 under his Sound Of Yell guise.

With beautifully intuitive artwork by award-winning Glasgow based artist Toby Paterson, Fast Diagonal is a triumph of abstract melodicism or, as Paul Savage put it, "€œlike a math rock band doing the soundtrack to Gregory's Girl."

1. Darkest Sea (Feat. Ela Orleans)
2. Hearing Those Ears (Feat. Chris Mack)
3. Drumlin
4. Do It Puritan! (Feat. Sue Tompkins)
5. Talking Knots
6. Half Cab
7. Bare Bone Scree (Feat. Chris Mack)
8. Doppelganger
9. Above and Below (Feat. Ela Orleans)
10. Nettles