Archie Bell & the Drells - Let's Groove: The Archie Bell & The Drells Story (CD)

Let's Groove: The Archie Bell & The Drells Story
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Let's Groove: The Archie Bell & The Drells Story includes all of the group'€™s chart hit singles and dance classics from 1967-1979.

1. Tighten Up Pt. 1
2. Dog Eat Dog (Non Album Single Version)
3. Thousand Wonders
4. A Soldier's Prayer, 1967
5. I Can't Stop Dancing
6. Do The Choo Choo
7. Love Will Rain On You
8. (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown
9. Go For What You Know
10. I Love My Baby
11. Just A Little Closer
12. Girl You're Too Young
13. My Balloon's Going Up
14. Here I Go Again
15. A World Without Music (Non Album Single Side Version)
16. Don't Let The Music Slip Away (Non Album Single Side Version)
17. Get It From The Bottom (Non Album Single Side Version)
18. I Wish (Non Album Single Side Version)
19. Wrap It Up (Non Album Single Side Version)
20. Deal With Him (Non Album Single Side Version)
21. I Just Want To Fall In Love (Non Album Single Side Version)
22. Love At First Sight (Non Album Single Side Version)
23. Archie's In Love (Non Album Single Side Version)
24. I Can't Face You Baby (Non Album Single Side Version)
25. Dancing To Your Music
26. Ain't Nothing For A Man In Love
27. You Never Know What's On A Woman's Mind
28. Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys

1. I Could Dance All Night (Single version)
2. Let's Groove (Single version)
3. The Soul City Walk (Single version)
4. Dance Your Troubles Away (Single version)
5. Nothing Comes Easy (Single version)
6. Don't Let Love Get You Down (Single version)
7. Where Will You Go When The Party's Over (Single version)
8. Everybody Have A Good Time (Single version)
9. Glad You Could Make It (12" Disco version)
10. It's Hard Not To Like You (Single version)
11. I've Been Missing You (Single version)
12. On The Radio (Single version)
13. Old People (Single version)
14. Strategy (Single version)
15. Show Me How To Dance (Single version)
16. We Got 'Um Dancin' (12" Disco version)