Aged in Harmony - You're a Melody (3x7") (7" Box Set)

You're a Melody (3x7
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This new 7"€ pack features three of the most desired records from the modern soul scene. Privately recorded in the Detroit area between '€™73 and '€™78, and scarcely distributed since, the rare Aged In Harmony 7"€s have become highly sought after and much revered by soul enthusiasts around the world. All originally written, arranged and produced by Arnold Moore, the six recordings bring together strings, vocals, guitars, synths, horns and drums for the perfect marriage of textures; each track contributing it'€™s own individual energy to the warming aura which surrounds the whole collection.

After lovingly remastering these gems in conjunction with their creator, Melodies International are proud to present the masterpieces together as a set for the very first time, accompanied by the second edition of the label's very own Melozine, which features an exclusive interview with Arnold himself.

7” 1:
1.You’re a Melody
2. You’re a Melody (Extended Disco)

7” 2:
1. I Feel Like Dancin’
2. Theme For Someone Special

7” 3:
1. Trust Me
2. Dance Awhile