Animal Nightlife - Shangri-la (Deluxe) (CD)

Shangri-la (Deluxe)
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Animal Nightlife were a soul/jazz/pop collective who emerged within London'€™s ultra-hip club scene of the early 1980s. After signing to Innervision, the group eventually moved to Island Records in 1984, enjoying significant success and acclaim during their time with the label.

As well as being the first time their top 40 debut album Shangri-La, has been reissued on CD, this new deluxe edition supplements the record with a bonus disc featuring 10 additional tracks.

1. Native Boy
2. Waiting For The Bait To Bite
3. Perfect Match
4. Love Is Just The Great Pretender '85
5. Insomniazz
6. Between Lovers
7. After Hours
8. Basic Ingredients
9. Throw In The Towel (All Over Now)
10. Bittersweet

1. Preacher, Preacher
2. Mr Solitaire (12” Version)
3. Lazy Afternoon
4. Love Is Just The Great Pretender '85 (Undressing Remix)
5. Preacher, Preacher (Take Me To The Church) (A Remix)
6. Basic Ingredients (12” Version)
7. Love Is Just The Great Pretender '85 (12” Version)
8. Native Boy ’83 (Dennis Bovell Remix)
9. Mr. Solitaire (Panther Remix)
10. Preacher, Preacher (Altered)