Alex Clare - Tail Of Lions (Indie Exclusive) (LP)

Tail Of Lions (Indie Exclusive)
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London-born singer, songwriter and producer Alex Clare is one of those lucky people who will never be short of something startling to tell when the lights dim and true conversation really begins.

In the summer of 2015 he removed himself to a narrow boat on the River Lea with his friend Chris Hargreaves (Submotion Orchestra), and the pair began to record again. What they came up with is a remarkable work called Tail of Lions. Written and recorded in a few short weeks, the collection finds the pair striking the perfect balance, creating a place where soul, rock and funk meet steel-sharp electronica and iced-out drum and bass. The title comes from a Jewish expression. "€œIt'€™s better to be the tail of a lion than the head of a fox. We live in a society where the focus on success and celebrity seem too far out way the focus on ability and effort - all the money, limited talent."

This limited edition LP format is pressed on white vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

1. Tell Me What You Need
2. Get Real
3. Surviving Aint Living
4. Bring Me Down
5. Basic
6. Gotta Get Up
7. Tired From The Fire
8. Love Can Heal
9. Open My Eyes
10. You'll Be Fine