Motorhead - Clean Your Clock (2LP/CD/DVD/Blu-ray - Indie Exclusive) (LP Box Set)

Clean Your Clock (2LP/CD/DVD/Blu-ray - Indie Exclusive)
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Motörhead, Kings of the Road for over förty years, are immortalized one more time in Clean Your Clock, the superb live album recorded at The Zenith in Munich, Germany during the Winter 2015 Bad Magic tour. Clean Your Clock is also a fitting salute to the power of Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister, who founded Motörhead back in 1975 and so sadly passed away on Dec 28th 2015. Recorded only weeks before, Lemmy snarls, roars and bangs that bass with the magisterial air of a man who knows he'€™s a leader.

Available exclusively through independent stores such as ourselves, this limited edition box set is a must for any collector! It features the concert on coloured double vinyl, CD, DVD and blu-ray, as well as an exclusive Motörhead pin.

1. Bomber
2. Stay Clean
3. Metropolis
4. When the Sky Comes Looking for You
5. Over the Top
6. Guitar Solo
7. The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
8. Lost Woman Blues
9. Rock It
10. Orgasmatron
11. Doctor Rock Pt 1
12. Drum Solo
13. Doctor Rock Pt 2
14. Just ‘Cos You Got the Power
15. No Class
16. Ace of Spades
17. Whorehouse Blues
18. Overkill